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become a customer

How can I become a customer?

You need a so-called referrer link. You get it from the person who drew your attention to Cashcow24-7.

Is there a fee to register?

No, registration is free, does not oblige you to anything and can be canceled at any time. You have not yet become a customer and have not bought a goods service package. With the registration you only get access to your own back office with further information and the possibility to purchase your own goods service package.

I live abroad. Can I also become a customer?

Yes, except for the countries that are blocked for legal, political reasons

Do I have to register a business as a customer?

Please ask your tax advisor about this. Since there is an intention to make a profit, it may be that the customer has to register a business.

Do I have to pay tax on the profit?

Yes, possibly. It depends on your individual tax and income situation. Please speak to your tax advisor about this.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my contract, commission or package of goods?

Please always contact your recommender first. If this cannot answer your question, please send an email to

When do the info webinars take place and where can I find the dates?

The webinars take place weekly. You can find the dates and the access links in our telegram group "Cashcow24-7-Germany".


customer account

I have not received an invoice / credit note.

Where can I find the bank details?

Bank details are on every invoice.

I have a question about my billing.

If you have any questions about billing, please send an email to

Can I have my money paid out to someone else?

No, that's not possible because of the Money Laundering Act. The payout account can differ from the deposit account, but it must be in the same name.

Has my payment been received?

Please go to your back office under contract overview. There you can see the status of your payment. When the payment has been received on our account, the status in the contract overview will be changed.

What is the e-wallet?

The eWallet is an internal account in your back office. All withdrawal funds are booked by us into this account. From this account you can then independently request the payment of your credit to a bank account of your choice (button: request payment) or pay for a new package of goods.

Can I leave my money and use the withdrawal amount to buy a new Merchandise Service Package?

You cannot accumulate funds on your eWallet for several months. That would be a banking transaction, for which Clever Business (Switzerland) AG has no permission.

All withdrawals are made to an internal eWallet.

You can use the eWallet to pay for the purchase of another package of goods or have your credit paid out to your bank account.

Payout Dates

The payment dates are always on the 1st and 15th of the month.

The payout request must always be submitted by you in your back office no later than 1 day BEFORE the payout date .

Unused credit is automatically paid out to your bank account at the end of the following month.


Where are the products

The products are physically in Amazon's warehouse.

Can I see the products?

No, you do not have access to Amazon distribution centers.

Which products are sold?

We currently have well over 200 different products for sale on Amazon. We always look for so-called “fast movers” that can be sold within two months. These products come from a wide variety of industries, such as children's items, kitchen items, camping, fitness, etc., and are constantly being adapted. We have a team of experts that constantly analyzes and scans the market and researches new products

Can I choose the products from my goods service package or decide myself which products should be included?

No, our Amazon experts select the products

I can't find Cashcow24-7 on Amazon

You can find a selection of our products on our homepage under sample products . We also sell many of our products to resellers who then sell these products under their own name.


I have a question about my contract, commission or a package of goods. Whom can I contact?

Please always contact your recommender first. If this cannot answer your question, please send an email to

I can't complete the contract.

Have you added your data under "Profile/Personal Information" in your back office, e.g. address, bank details? Have you ticked the two boxes under the conditions? This is a prerequisite for creating a contract.

I made 2 Warenpakt contracts by mistake, can I cancel one?

Yes, as long as it is not paid, you can delete the contract in your contract overview.

Do I have to send the contract back by email?

No, the contract is legally valid once the invoice has been paid, as it has already been signed by Clever Business (Switzerland) AG.

Can underage children also become customers?

No, our customers must be of legal age and have full legal capacity

Is this a financial deal?

No. Clever-Business (Switzerland) AG is not a financial company and does not speculate or trade customer funds on stock exchanges, forex, trading, crypto, etc.

Clever-Business (Switzerland) AG sells consumer goods under various brand names via the Amazon trading platform. The profits made come from trading operations. A customer does NOT receive a return, but rather a PROFITS SHARE from the trading transaction.

"Cashcow24-7" is our customer participation model, which customers can use to participate in the profits of Clever Business (Switzerland) AG.

For recommenders

As a customer, how do I become a referrer? what requirements do I need?

You need your own goods service package (at least WP1 € 1,500).

You then have the option of activating yourself as a recommender in your back office.

It is also a prerequisite that you have taken part in one of the regular basic training courses (duration approx. 1.5 hours).

As a customer, am I automatically a referrer?


Can I also have the company presentation?

No. Since we are not looking for sales partners, but only recommenders for new customers, we do not release the company presentation. However, every recommender can invite their customers to the 30-minute info webinars that take place at least once a week.

As a recommender, do I have to buy a goods service package myself?

Yes. In order to be activated as an active recommender, you need your own goods service package of at least € 1,500 (WP1)

What are the duties of a referrer?

As a referrer entitled to commission, you are the first point of contact for your customers for questions and should know about the back office, how a package of goods is ordered, the payment processes, etc. There are regular, free online training courses in which an active referrer must attend at least once, but should also attend several times.

My customer registered with my link and I can't find him in my downline.

If he has really registered with your link, he should also be visible in your downline. Please contact the customer again.

Otherwise send an email to

Do you also do live presentations?

Not at the moment, as the weekly online presentations via zoom are sufficient. But we can also come to you if you wish. We will then agree on the requirements. Please send an email to

About Us

How long has Clever Businesss GmbH / Clever Business (Switzerland) AG existed?

Clever Business GmbH has existed since April 20th, 2020.
The activities of Clever Business GmbH were taken over by Clever Business (Switzerland) AG on May 1st, 2023. This company has existed since September 1st, 2022.

Who is on the board of Clever Business (Switzerland) AG?

Jörg Carstensen is the President and Lucas Devenn is Managing Director.


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